A widower , he is a catch

Only works for men

As female widowers usually always compare the new catch to their late spouses
WADE : I'm a what ? A unicorn?

MARSHA : yes wade , women love a guy who been in a long term relationship that he didn't break off by lack of commitment.
by RepeatsNice October 23, 2019
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A Unicorn is a male with a penis 10 inches (~25.5 cm) or larger: rare, popular and scares the hell out of virgins.
Bill: I can't understand how Tom gets all the chicks. He's not exactly Tom Cruise.
Ted: I hear he's a Unicorn.
Bill: That explains it.
by james savik August 28, 2020
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The common definition of a unicorn is a mythical creature that looks like a white horse with a spiralled horn on it's head.

The underground definition of a unicorn is a person that enjoys the swinger lifestyle.
Deborah: Woah look at that stud over there! He must have at least 16 women on him!

Dan: They don't call him Charlie the Unicorn for nothing.
by Pony Battles July 10, 2020
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It's when you lay down flat on you back, face up, with a dildo suctioned to your forehead, and your partner squats down over your head, and inserts the dildo into one of their orafaces, then bounces up and down over you while singing The Irish Rovers, The Unicorn Song.
by Yankee Cranker February 06, 2015
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Cute fluffy creature with a magical cone on its head that farts rainbows.
"Oh, my gosh look at that fluffy unicorn! He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!" -Agnes
by GTA_lover99 March 25, 2015
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