a magical horse with a horn on the middle o its forehead that missed noahs arks boarding!
kid: oh look mom its a sparkly horse!
mom: oh no sweetie thats a unicorn.
teenager: nope.. that has to be edward cullen as a horse...
by blllleeeeeeeeeeep May 18, 2011
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A magical animal with a horn. This horn grants many wishes and sparkles. The unicorn was last seen at Landchoo Park in NeverExistedPlace at Sunday Soonember 6th 1893. Rumor has it, if you smell a unicorn fart, you’ll turn into a fairy.
Unicorns are fricken dope!”
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by AllPandasLoveMe June 16, 2019
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A one-horned goat kind thing 4-year-old girls are all obsessed about and when they find out they don't really exist they throw a 2-month tantrum thinking that they are gonna come out of the toilet and take them to fairy princess land.
4-year-old girl: mom I can't wait to go to school and find a unicorn

mom: unicorns don't exist, that is just what they tell you at school so you don't throw a temper tantrum

4-year-old girl: waAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA
by ghostcarrotunicorn May 25, 2020
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Something that doesn’t exist and the myth was created when someone dropped an ice cream cone on a pony.
Oops! There goes my ice cream!
Oh look it’s a unicorn!
by Hello_Random_Person! March 06, 2020
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The word unicorn is a way to say I'M A UNICORN, it's a way to say I'm happy ya'll and also a way to say that you love the song pink fluffy unicorn here are some way to hashtag unicorn....#Unicorn #unicornpower #unicornarethebesta. Here are 4 other thing unicorn means, 1.that girl is a unicorn, that means she/he is always happy popular and eCT
2.I'm a unicorn, means you adore unicorns more then you love wifi,your mom,your dad even starnger things. 3.🎵pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbow🎵 if you sing this you are retarded, last but not least number 4.why you not a unicorn? That question always to be awnser or else but if you don't know how to awnser here is a way: because I'm allergic to unicorns,
I am but it doesn't show

That was what unicorn means
Example : why you not a unicorn bruh like why
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by Brianna unicorn May 03, 2018
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The common definition of a unicorn is a mythical creature that looks like a white horse with a spiralled horn on it's head.

The underground definition of a unicorn is a person that enjoys the swinger lifestyle.
Deborah: Woah look at that stud over there! He must have at least 16 women on him!

Dan: They don't call him Charlie the Unicorn for nothing.
by Pony Battles July 10, 2020
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