A very beautiful, wild and majestic horse with a magical horn on its head. Most unicorns have very long tail and manes.
Writing in diary: Dear diary, for my 6th birthday I want a beautiful unicorn.
by Dr.Suess 20.04 September 12, 2016
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A mythical species of horse that is extremely hard,if not impossible to catch. Only virgins can come near a unicorn.A unicorn's horn is known to neutralize poison, cure any disease, resurrect the dead, and the unicorn itself will choose its companion. If you ever meet a unicorn, if it is not looking at you, or coming near you, forget about being its companion, or even coming near it. If you manage to capture the unicorn, you will obtain immortality. Don't cage in a unicorn when you keep it. It will run away.
Ian went into the forest for a week, trying to find a unicorn. But, he wasn't a virgin, so he wasted his time.
by rainbowagainstsquares July 26, 2012
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The most majestic being you will ever see if you see one, you are the most lucky person in the world.! 🐎🐴
Wow that is one beautiful unicorn!
by Taryn. E. P July 3, 2017
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Unicorns are amazing, sparkling creatures. They're magical and very lovable! Unicorns are the most amazing creature EVER & if you don't believe in them you're crazy! They're kind of like majestic, sparkly horses with a horn on the top of their head. YAY UNICORNS!
The unicorn walked among the clouds and over the rainbow.
by TotesAGirlyGirl April 6, 2016
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A unicorn is a mystical creature with a colorful series of patterns on there body and in there hair. they have there own secret lands and language. hehehehehe. they have magical powers and spread good vibes along with dreams. they also travel in packs and can fly!!🦄
by londonon March 16, 2017
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Kindergarten Teacher on the first day of school: All right kids, lesson one, Unicorns are imaginary. Lesson two...
by Eastern Wildebeest March 18, 2017
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Unicorn is an animal from cartoons.It is a horse with a horn.11-year old girls believe in them and act like idiots because of them.
"I'm an unicorn!"
"No you're not Britney."
by whoevenami1 January 7, 2018
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