A Unicorn is a male with a penis 10 inches (~25.5 cm) or larger: rare, popular and scares the hell out of virgins.
Bill: I can't understand how Tom gets all the chicks. He's not exactly Tom Cruise.
Ted: I hear he's a Unicorn.
Bill: That explains it.
by james savik August 29, 2020
1) Someone so unique they only lived in your dreams.. Until you meet them in the flesh..
2) An event so life changing it makes life worth living
3) (deprecated) A startup that's worth more than a billion dollars
This guy I met last night - I feel like I've known him my whole life. The way he talks about Coltrane, Miles. I didn't realize that there was someone who loves jazz more than I do. I guess unicorns do exist after all.

I had an epiphany last night. Went to the light show and realized that if you love something enough, you can make a living out of it. A true unicorn encounter.
by klyd3r February 22, 2018
A magical creature that doesn't take a shiz about the other magical creature's
And also it doesn't pick up its own rainbow shiz .That is what a Unicorn is.🦄🦄🦄🦄
This unicorn has took a rainbow shiz in my garage
by Unibutt January 1, 2018
An Uber or Lyft ride the driver receives and completes which is a long-distance ride that lasts for over 45 minutes and it also has a surge multiplier attached to it, and ends up costing the rider a large sum of money and the driver earns an unusually large sum of money.
Uber driver: I received a unicorn today, I made $350 on a trip from Palm Springs to San Diego when I picked my passenger up in a surge area!
by violaman January 30, 2019
A term used by straight couples on the verge of a breakup to describe an individual who would be willing to enter a threesome with them. Named a “unicorn” as it’s rare someone would be willing to enter that volatile mess of a relationship.
“Hey did you hear? Stacy and Mark went on Tinder to look for a unicorn to try to save their dying relationship!”
“Do you think it’ll work?”

“Ugh, I went on a dating app to look for a relationship but all I’m getting is straight couples looking for a unicorn!”
by Peculiar-Person September 28, 2020
The most badass, rainbow colored, ancient, immortal ancestor of the narwhals, who descended from heaven in whale form to watch over us. If found in it's TRUE FORM, it can be used as a vibrator, condom, wallet, Donald Trunp replacement, flying fuck that you won't give, wipes your ass, goes through walls, calls people, mp3 playah, sword, and computer.
Dude: Hey, I'm to tired for sex today, so why not just masturbate or something?

Woman: It's okay, I got a unicorn

Dude: Wait what.... how high are you right now?

Woman:*Sticking Unihorn in vagina* yes
by The Masturbating Hand November 16, 2015
An acquaintance that you, yet not your friends, desire although you know little to nothing about him/her. The mythical and enigmatic reference pertains to your unfamiliarity with your person of desire and the reason for the attraction in the first place.
"I heard you went home with your unicorn last night!...yeah?"
by ISeeBoredPeople December 4, 2008