A Unicorn is a male with a penis 10 inches (~25.5 cm) or larger: rare, popular and scares the hell out of virgins.
Bill: I can't understand how Tom gets all the chicks. He's not exactly Tom Cruise.
Ted: I hear he's a Unicorn.
Bill: That explains it.
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by james savik August 28, 2020
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the most majestical and amazing creature to be in existence ever.
you performed really well, like a unicorn
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It's when you lay down flat on you back, face up, with a dildo suctioned to your forehead, and your partner squats down over your head, and inserts the dildo into one of their orafaces, then bounces up and down over you while singing The Irish Rovers, The Unicorn Song.
by Yankee Cranker February 06, 2015
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Term frequently used at Dickinson College to refer to a beautiful, unobtainable crush with whom the likelihood of hooking up is akin to stumbling upon a unicorn in a mythical forest. Many a student will attempt to capture said unicorn but such efforts are nearly always fruitless, leaving the unicorn untouchable and free to gallop through campus unrestrained in its magical beauty.
Look! I see my unicorn across the caf. I almost talked to them at Alabi's this weekend
by Suckmyskittles March 03, 2015
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Unicorns are kept In hair dye factories to make exotic colors such as vivid or non purples, blues, and pinks. The hair dye is used from the unicorns blood... if you have ever wandered why you never see unicorns or people think they don't exist, there is only one possible reason the hair dye companies keep them held hostage in their factories to make unlimited supplies of hair dye.
Unicorns are magical creatures that nobody believed existed until now.😊 thanks to me.
by AshleNicole August 07, 2016
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Cute fluffy creature with a magical cone on its head that farts rainbows.
"Oh, my gosh look at that fluffy unicorn! He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!" -Agnes
by GTA_lover99 March 25, 2015
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The Romans called what we now know as rhinoceros a "unicornus".
Later, they evolved into two species:
1. the white unicorn (of horselike appearance with one beautiful horn on the center of its head)
2. the pink unicorn (of unknown appearance, as it is invisible)
Plinius: Look, a unicorn. What impressive and massive legs!
Walt: Oh, it's lovely! Well, if I draw it as a white horse with a horn...
Scott: I don't believe in unicorns. Besides, it's pink.
by yuuutsuna July 10, 2008
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