Something that is very awesome, but also very rare.
Hey, have you heard of that vegan soft serve shop?
Yeah, man. That place is the unicorn's horn.
by David Hamburgeee July 14, 2014
(n.) The part of the female unicorn that if you ever get to touch leaves you unknowingly witty.
You sure are funny today you must have held a unicorn horn or something.

Oh my my, holding my unicorn horn sure made u witty today.
by stevie the hero January 8, 2014
A heavily gelled hairstyle characterized by a pointy spike, resembling a unicorn horn, sported by many metro-sexual men, including: Ryan Seacreast, Adam Levine, and my father.

Check out his unicorn horn! Do you think he gets man-icures too?
by diosmioalejandra May 8, 2008
Girl : “Hey baby

Guy : “You just gave me a unicorn horn.”
by DaddyWithBigDick February 20, 2019
When a woman covers a man's entire penis with cum during sex so that his hard shaft appears shiny and slick
"She was so wet, she gave me a unicorn horn."
by The Lady A April 25, 2017
The hairstyle;

Also, could be used as an incognito penis reference.
One morn, i coulda sworn, i was in the middle of a porn, cause this bitch was riding on my unicorn horn
by CnClear January 10, 2011
The final result of using a lotion, lube, or other product that contains shimmer or glimmer on your penis. Usually for maturation.
Jeremy wanted to wack it, but could only find his fiances lotion. He didn't care but afterwards he had a fabulous unicorn horn.
by Cut glitter December 5, 2016