A unicorn is a mythical, horse like creature. A unicorn has a horn on it's forehead and typically a long, flowing mane.
Unicorns are often symbolized for their majesticness and beauty.
by Techno Blaze April 27, 2015
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A very beautiful, wild horse with a magical horn on its head. unicorns mostly have very long tail and manes. they love attention and protect the one they love.
wow look the Unicorn saved me life
it has a magic horn witch makes it so majestic
by Foxeymagic January 10, 2018
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The most magical, amazing creatures ever in the history of history!
by Corny The Unicorn January 2, 2015
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An amazing beautiful creature with magical powers. Unicorns are the single BEST mythical creature in the world!!!
That girl is as pretty as a unicorn.
That unicorn is awsome.
by Cocoanut 076 December 16, 2017
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A unicorn is a mythical creature. It’s typically a horse with a straight horn projecting from the forehead.
by Average_Water-bottle January 4, 2021
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