There’s a group of guys who like other guys... they stand and create an arch of man swords; jetting their well earned man-goop over the well intentioned recipient, creating a Unicorn Bath
Did you hear about Chip? Met some guys on a night out and it ended in a total unicorn bath
by Smorgansmorgan December 26, 2018
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A person who eats pastel marshmallows and claims he's not gay. May have a unicorn covered up with prison tattoos. Likes shiny things&Likes glitter. When you pronounce the name you must drag out the gaggLER . but don't stutter.
When i grow up I'll be a unicorn gaggler. Because i love shiny things! "I'm straight. but i love all unicorns in the world....gaggle..unicorn
by chonie pockets November 29, 2019
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A purplish pink stain above the lip that resembles a mustache from drinking a unicorn frappachino.
Dude you see that basic over there , she's got a unicorn sanchez going on.
by Patrick C. Bateman April 19, 2017
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Johnny: “dang man is that the Deadpool unicorn
Bob: “the one and the same”
by Kallumbacker December 28, 2021
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When you rip off someone's dick and attach it in some form to someone's forehead.
I will cut off your dick and attach it to your head so that way you'd become a floppy dick unicorn you cunt.
by Not Ronnie March 28, 2017
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