Johnny: “dang man is that the Deadpool unicorn
Bob: “the one and the same”
by Kallumbacker December 28, 2021
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When you rip off someone's dick and attach it in some form to someone's forehead.
I will cut off your dick and attach it to your head so that way you'd become a floppy dick unicorn you cunt.
by Not Ronnie March 28, 2017
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when a girl rolls her hair into a bun at the front of her head making her look like she has a horn.
most ghetto unicorns can be spotted at the welfare office or Walmart.
by sjm89 November 5, 2012
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So me and my cousins were in Florida and we were talking about the nasty and then my cousin says we need to make a code word for a dick and then my other cousin said Unicorn Forn Horn and we haven’t changed it since and btw that was in October 2018
Lucas: bro how longs your unicorn forn horn
Mason: it’s 1 inch
Lucas: bro get some forn pills
by unicornfornhorn March 11, 2021
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