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A general term to decribe a moment when someone does something in a social setting which is awkward or socially unacceptable.

A moment in which could be described as unacceptability would usually result in you or your friends cringing to what has just been said or someone getting pissed off
"James? He's full of unacceptability -
why is he coming?"

Guy 1 - *burps in face"
Guy 2 - "Fuck off Matt! Fucking disgusting..."

Guy 1 - " Come on, we all know climate change is not real, its just a hoax"
Guy 2 - "You really believe that? Fucking retard..."
Guy 3 - *cringing* "Dude, climate change is real, its been scientifically proven"
Guy 2- "You are full of unacceptability - you know that?"
by Blue_Foot March 12, 2018
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