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A yellow, lemon-headed, man-shaped character from adventure time. Lemongrab has anger issues and he sends people to candy dungeon if they don't follow his rules. Lemongrab was created by Princess Bubblegum and he has an identical brother.
Person 1: Have you seen that Lemongrab guy on adventure time?
Person 2: You mean the guy who yells, "Unacceptable!" and "One million years dungeon!"?
Person 1: Yes.
Person 2: Yeah, he's weird, but funny.
by Captain Vince Clortho September 12, 2014
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A socially challenged Adventure Time counterpart of a typical North Korean dictator. He's made of lemon flesh, and he has the body of the human with a vertical lemon shaped head. He screams like a banshee from the pits of Hell, and he was created by Princess Bubblegum, but he ended up building an earldom of grotesque lemon children made from lemons and candy life. If you want a short definition for Lemongrab, he's a lemon headed mess.
Figgus: What are you watching? I keep hearing this eat-splitting scream coming from the TV!

Ned: Oh, you mean Lemongrab? Yeah I'm watching Adventure Time.
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by SushiWarlord August 15, 2016
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To grab a girls lemons and say lemon grad then run off
Man: Lemon Grab!
Girl: Aww shit I have been Lemon Grabbed
by Don't Mention Me January 22, 2019
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