Basically means "you know"

Both una and uno works

Mostly used on football twitter
-Man said Saka is better than Foden una😂
by GNK2 January 31, 2021
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A one of a kind type of girl. Una’s are very attractive, intelligent, and have a good heart. Everyone wishes they could be an Una and are jealous when they can't compare.

They are smart and guys find themselves captivated when talking to an Una . Una’s often don’t realize how perfect they are, and how every guy out there is looking for an Una . Guys are intimidated to ask out a Una just because Una’s are a perfect ten. Una will know how to make you happy even when you are down. Una raises the bar for a perfect girlfriend and if anyone where to find a Una they would realize how truly luck they are.
by Stacy Dover February 13, 2018
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Simply one of a kind. She is gorgeous with a contagious laugh and bright eyes.

Guys worship the ground she walks on ... so if she shows interest DO NOT LET HER GO
She’s not just any girl she’s Una...
by Stacy Dover February 13, 2018
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The most beautiful face (even without makeup), she has incredible eyes, a great body, her laugh is cute, she is smarter than almost every one, she has personality and can make you laugh.
Una and I were hanging out.

wow, is that Una?

Una is so hot!
by catscandance February 26, 2012
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Okay so you can't get board with this one , beautiful , and a contagious smile and laugh to go along with it she has that something . She has attitude too so watch out but on the inside she has the biggest heart and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve but is truly loyal to the people she trusts .with and inner and outer beauty can't go wrong with her . Tends to have

large breasts.
That's something una would do
by Stephanie45 January 16, 2013
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Una is that one girl you want to be, she has the perfect body, lots of friends and your crush has a crush on her. She can be really nice and caring, but if you get on her bad side you’re gonna see hell. She can easily steal your friends and partners and she isn’t afraid to do it.
Una stole your friend better watch out
by MalloryChan February 23, 2020
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Nigerian Pidgin for referring to a group of people them, guys
How una dey
by S@uvage March 24, 2019
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