Trish Una is a god among gods
Trish Una: "Trish Una"
by BaconMan465 July 14, 2020
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Of the highest or finest quality. Remarkably good.
"Man, these quesadillas are so una voce"

"Dude you are so una voce and you don't even know it"
by MCsquared December 09, 2007
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An INFERIOR being compared to risotto nero
Razor blade fan: ”Eww is that Trish Una?”
Razor blade fan 2: ”Eww gross she sucks compared to risotto nero@
by NOTRisottoNero September 16, 2020
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The "Great White Rapper." This person often writes raps about his life experiences, he has a huge fan base and sells millions of records. This person also might the power to control dragons and other mystical creatures.
Did you see Marvin perform at the party last night? He is a T Una fo sho.

Damn Lindsey is the best T Una I've ever seen.
by the magican November 02, 2011
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Otomachi Una (音街ウナ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed by Internet Co., Ltd. in collaboration with MTK Inc. and was released in July 2016 for the VOCALOID4 engine. She is 11 years old girl with indigoish eyes and hair. Her given name "Una" is based on unagi (eel) in reference to her hat. The kanji in her surname literally means "sound" (音, oto) and "town" (街, machi).
To be honest, Otomachi Una looks much prettier without her eel outfit. Her song
by Nijihara Kalinin February 04, 2020
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That caterpillar like thing above Jonnys eyes.
Wow Jonnys una brow is looking bushy today!
by Comie November 18, 2003
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A rare Serbian female name. People named Una- Selena actually prefer to be called by their first name - it’s short and cute!

Her smile is just incredible. Looks like a bitch but honestly? She’s a sweetheart with a badass face.Everyone wants to be friends with her, her vibe is just immaculate. She can and will stay inside for a whole day to watch Netflix, but she is also very outgoing and funny. She’s a type of person that makes you jealous just because of her exsistence!
Dude, Una - Selena is such a cool name!
- I know, right? Wait untill you meet her in person!
Who is that girl?
- Oh , it’s Una.

- She looks so cool!
by User M December 01, 2020
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