A complete cunt who forces anti-men, feminazi shit on every male she has ever met and gets sick around the thought of kissing a human being. She tries to act like she knows what she's talking about but in doing so makes her look dumber. She tries to defend herself for the craziest reasons for example guys hitting on her, not touching alcohol, being scared of cigarettes and not knowing what she is talking about.
She hates men, she's probably an Una.
Oh my god calm down and stop being such an Una.
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AMAZING! talented, gorgeous, bestfriend anyone could ask for, massive boobs, personality than shines, outter beauty and inner beauty from far away and upclose!
those two slags are totall jealous cause she's an una <3
by aintafraidtostrikeback January 12, 2011
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some one who likes a nice pink arse and balls with no hair on them (a paedophile).
hey lets batter the shit out of that una bummer for the school assembley
by clarkycat September 09, 2009
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a gibberish expression of incredulity by a little critter.
Pocahontas: The forest is saved!
Comedy Badger: Una Mana!?
by TheLastBoss December 28, 2011
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