Displeased; unsatisfied; upset.
UnU is used when someone annoys or upsets someone else, causing the other person to say UnU. UnU is used online and isn’t used in real life.
Person 1: Haha I win
Person 2: UnU
by Seudon nem September 15, 2020
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Barely: ok I'm gonna draw on my whiteboard.
A few minutes later..
OMG I'm gonna cry UnU *sobs*
by Michael the smart boy July 17, 2021
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A sad emoticon used by mostly by sarcastic people who make fun of the ones who use it
Person 1: My dog died today.
Person 2: UnU
Person 1: Your use of emoticons has made me even sadder.
by HyperSuperSpeed October 19, 2020
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A Jamaican Patois (PATWA) word meaning ' You All '. Originating from the Igbo Language, Unu in Jamaican Patois is the plural form of You.
English: God Bless You All

Patois: Jah Bless Unu
by StarBGyal February 01, 2019
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An emoticon cute girls use like "owo" but with its eyes closed. It can interpreted as either be a sad or relaxed owo.
Sam: Hey friendo how are ya doing? OwO
Allie: My girlfrien dump meh UnU
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An unknown entity that briefly took over YouTube star Ethan Nestor (Crankgameplays) for an entire year. Has been seen only in the presence of his accomplice Annus.
Unus and Annus will die once the year passes by.
by Cataclysm_and_LuckyCharm January 19, 2021
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An unpenetrated anus.
Guy 1: "hey i heard you have a unus."

Guy 2: "yeah, why--"

Guy 1: "not anymore."

Guy 2: "That was nice."
by Johnathan Senpaii July 12, 2014
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