An intimidating word you use when you want to shake down or scare someone who actually isn't really a friend.
"Call it. Friendo." - A remorseless hitman to a simple store-owner in Texas, from the film "No Country for Old Men." He wants him to call the coin he just flipped. If the store-owner calls it wrong, the hitman will kill him. If he calls it right, he'll let him live. A real friend would just let the guy live regardless.
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an example of tough-talk. Adding an "O" onto the end of a name is a way to further familiarize that person, like Jacko or Danno; the same goes in Spanish by adding "-ito" to the end of names- Pablito, Pappito, etc. however, because the word being used here is "friend", the resultant "friendo" is intended as sarcasm. as in the stylistic flim "No Country..", which popularized it, the antogonist using it clearly has no concern for his subject, evidenced by the fact that on a whim, (a coin-toss), he could instantly kill his muse. Similarly, using the word bucko, buddy, or pal while addressing someone can imply a slight threat to them, given the context. Clint Eastwood was a master in this camp.
Mind lowering your music there, friendo, it's getting a bit unnerving. (Implying) If you don't, I may have to do it for you.
by Yemoss December 29, 2007
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Short for "Friend-of-mine" and can be used friendly to recognize someone of a higher friendship status, normally above pal but below buddy status.
Hey there friendo are you ready for tonight at the club?
by ig449 November 17, 2014
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short for friend-OF-mine; sarcastic condescending abrasive confrontational
hey friendo can i see some ID
by joe6pak March 20, 2010
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Used by females to distinguish a male friend whom of which the relationship with is platonic. To be used in lieu of saying "My guy friend". Replaces the annoying need to stop a story and explain that the friend is not a boyfriend.
Similar to the Spanish word "amigo".

Forget what you thought it meant after watching No Country for Old Men and use it for this purpose.

See also: frienda
Bill: Sarah, are you going to the show with your boyfriend?
Sarah: No, I am going with my friendo, Tony.
by friendo guy April 28, 2011
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Fun way of calling someone your friend.
"Hey friendo"

"Kyle always has a way of making me laugh. He's my best friendo."
by Psychadelicious January 26, 2018
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A person who is closer than a best friend. They are trusted the most out of anybody else in the world and you can tell or show them anything. They usually are the ones to know most about you and same way around. And when I know they know most....I mean they know all of those secrets the ones all deep down that are bad or good.
I mean, Cristy is a awesome friend, But you are a awesome Friendo
by Mama Kay/Mystery January 24, 2017
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