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Ula is the best person you will ever meet in your entire life . If you ever manage to even speak to an Ula consider yourself blessed . Ula is outgoing and kind but she is also very funny although her laugh is horrible. She has that wow factor that everyone wants . She loves to have attention as well as having a big circle of friends . Her fashion sense is on point and she has a decent education as well . Ula is the most amazing girl I’ve ever met !
boy : that girl Ula is so cool
Girl : I know right
by Ula’s boyfriend May 31, 2018
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A very kind beautiful girl that can easily make friends . She likes attention and she gets it when she wants it . Very popular and loud . If you find a Ula during your life although she may seem absolutely crazy you should keep her as a friend as a girlfriend or a best friend
by Kiera38 January 08, 2018
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Ultra-late Adopter, someone who waits a long time to buy the "it" product.
He still doesn't own an ipod?!?! What an ula.
by txngrl June 15, 2008
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a sweet caring girl who is a great friend and will always stick up for you; a polish/check girls name
omg she's such an ula, i love it!
by not-a-peasant September 13, 2016
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A tiny turkish worker with a penis equivalent to that of an ant
by Sarah August 18, 2004
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An Arabic name which means "highest levels in the sky". As for ULA, it sometimes refers to "Ula Loves Ahmed".
1. Ula is an Iraqi lassie.
2. ULA. (which means: Ula Loves Ahmed) lol.
by Iraqi people October 05, 2008
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