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An unrequited crush, similar to unrequited love, is having feelings for someone who does not reciprocate. However, the feelings are not so intense as to be called love just yet, though they may develop so. When you have an unrequited crush, symptoms include simultaneously enjoying being around that person and loathing them. You may dress up or make amusing comments in the hopes of capturing their attention one day, and then spend the next 24 hours convincing yourself you just want to be friends. Other side effects include mood swings, misinterpretation of your crush's body language and speech, and heart palpitations. Depending on the intensity of this crush, you may be able to talk yourself out of your feelings. However, if left untreated an unrequited crush could very well progress into the stages of chronic unrequited love.
Me: I can't stop thinking about Jesse, even though I know he doesn't feel the same about me.
Friend: Sounds like unrequited love, to me.
Me: No, more like an unrequited crush. I may still have a chance of saving my heart.
Friend: Well, you'd better find a way to move on fast if you don't want to drown.
by Kivster;) April 15, 2017
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