As dectected in the fuel supply by W.C. Fields. The term "Ubangi" denotes a black person. Taken altogether, the somewhat-famous Fields quote simply indicates something out of place or awry, some evil intent. Fields wrote in the 20's and 30's, so those people in positions of social power then didn't necessarily consider this offensive.
"I detect a Ubangi in the fuel supply." -W.C. Fields
by SuperFly2905 November 24, 2005
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Just to clarify the above reference....."Ubangi in the fuel supply" was a paraphrase of the expression "nigger in the woodpile" which was too offensive even in W.C. Fields' time.
Ubangi, also a river in Africa
by coolsuds August 25, 2006
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noun: "sounds African" circa 1990: usually offensive: a black person
"Damn ubangis are costing us too many tax-payer bucks..."
by bohica February 10, 2013
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(Noun) A derogitory term for a person of african-american heritage.

(not commonly used)
Damn ubangy stole my TV.
by Faeleigh October 08, 2008
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An older slang people from Wyoming call people from Utah, implying that they bang ewes as in sheep.
"Boy them Ubangies Pa hired to help on the ranch sure do have some loose boot tops."
by Bingfoot July 18, 2006
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Look at those big ass ubangi lips...she can suck the chrome off the back bumper of my

58 Chevy
by Jack Mehoffagan March 04, 2014
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