A dirty ass bitch that posts exclusively sexual videos, pictures, etc. For views and followers.
These tramps usually post pictures of their asses over and over again from different angles and perspectives.
by Drippy-DJ July 12, 2017
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The teen insta thots always wearing a bikini and posting her ass and tits ( while wearing clothes ) making those 14 year old boys cum
by Yourbigcockguy November 01, 2019
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A girl or boy who can only get with boys or girls on social media and never actually see them in person
That girl is just Instagram thot I heard she's actually ugly in real life
by Bookboy January 09, 2016
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an instagram thot is a typically teenage girl that uses her natural beauty or makeup to gain followers

millielouiseexx is a thot which means she uses her beauty for followers
by bigpeenbenjamin November 05, 2019
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A person who only cares about post asking for comments or like to feel special because they are lame ass people at heart. Sometimes they ask for shout outs and just seek attention because they think its cool to have their notification stats high.
Or one talks to multiple people on instagram and trys to date them..
Person 1:Ugh Sam(antha) is such a instagram whore (s)he always asking for Likes and comments.

Person 2: I heard (s)he dates people from all over instagram. What a Instagram whore/ Insta Thot.
by Your friendly hater April 08, 2017
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