we can go to cinema and shisha, or clubbing instead utm
by Estefan Gerard March 10, 2017
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1. Underdeveloped teenage moustache usually seen on males between the ages of 13-17
1. Kevin looked like he was trying to pass himself off as an illegal mexican with that UTM on his upper lip.
by NatWombat March 12, 2008
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it is the short form for- "you tell me"
Addison: Hey Thomas, how are you?
Thomas: I'm great Addison, utm!
by TissuePaperRoll September 21, 2020
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basically, it means I don't know you tell me. Its a phrase used to answer annoying questions.
by S3an Ch4ambers August 30, 2018
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Upper township middle school. Most upper kids (grades 6-8) go there. Probably the shittiest school ever. Also random fights started by who knows what. Dolphin and spending a week in the snow without a phone are just some of the bad field trips. If you live in Upper Township, NJ then you most likely would've been to this shitpile!
"What's UTMS? Oh yea, it's that shitty middle school"
by Lina32400 August 26, 2017
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