A suburban city west of Toronto. It is the sixth largest city in Canada, consisting mostly of suburban neighbourhoods, with the exception of the Square One area, which has many high-rise residential buildings. A pretty chill place to live in general with a suburban feel, while also living in a large city of over 800,000 people. Despite this, it lacks a downtown core, which currently only consists of Square One, and some high-rise buildings.
Stop saying you're from Toronto when you're from Mississauga lmao
by watrulookingm8 October 8, 2020
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Urban sprawl west of Toronto made up of quaint but overly copy-pasted,monotonous tract housing,strip malls and parking lots. the city lacks a definitive identity and admits to being an experiment and cheap land-grab for Toronto developers. Demographics include 99% automobiles and 1% random granny pedestrian. crime is low for the reason that no one exists outside of an automobile to perform such acts and because everyone is content with the easy living of their welfare and leased cars.
person #1: "have you ever seen anyone in mississauga?"

person #2: "no, that's because there all inside cars".
by poame November 25, 2010
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Historians believe that mississauga is a native indian word meaning "city built around a mall". First settled by mayor Hazel in the early 1800s and later by immigrants from around the world (mostly brown ones).

Cultural waste land, considered the armpit of Toronto (brampton being the crotch) Where huge houses and used imported luxury cars define who you are.

Mississauga is also home to spoiled wannabe gangster kids, and young losers in there 20s who still live at home but have enough money to customize shitty honda civics.

Home to iconic landmarks such as square one mall, where you can find the biggest concentration of brown people at the walmart!
I'm so bored! I haven't been this bored since i lived in mississauga!
by bonjour1 March 15, 2007
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A city within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that was considered derelect but now is considered by some to be relatively quaint, mostly by people who live there. The city is actually despised by most Torontonians due to the fact that the city centers around Square One, a mall that serves as the hub of all things Mississauga.

Mississaugans (people from Mississauga) are often considered annoying by Toronto residents, as they usually squeal in displeasure of how bad Toronto is when compared to Mississauga. They secretly wish to live in Toronto, as almost all of them end up having to commute in to Toronto for work, school, entertainment or to do anything of value or worth.
That girl won't shut up about Mississauga. She won't shut her trap about Square One.
by Johnny Crappleseeds October 10, 2009
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Wasteyute city where no shit happens. Everybody think they from Toronto
Aye bare manz from Mississauga think they from Toronto
Ahlie fam manz gotta nize it!
by mfdonthitmyline October 4, 2018
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One of the largest suburbs in North America, a nice quiet place to live and commute. Mississauga is known for a big ass train wreck, an MP who can't keep her mouth shut, and having lopsided mayoral elections
Non Mississaugan-"So, you live in Mississauga?"
Misissaugan-"Yeah, it's an okay city."
by Will March 21, 2005
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Home of fine european bitches, shitty clubs like 108, balkan mafia and MnR reppin bloor to bristol

ALOT of random brown people

People in mississauga cheer for Torontonian sports teams such as the legendary Toronto Maple Leafs and the not so legendary Toronto Raptors, with that fag Vince Carter, trade the queer before he breaks a nail and takes three weeks off to recover.

No major benefit over Toronto other than cheaper houses and less traffic when heading in the Milton/Kitchener direction on the 401. Did I mention ALOT of random brown people!
Wigger from Toronto: Yo brejin i heard you reppin the T.
Mississauga MnR member: Naaaaaw B, I lived in da T. from times but I'm reppin Mississauga cuz da cribs is less flow for da rents hurr still.
Wigger from Toronto: true, true
by MnR Founding Member November 23, 2004
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