The ship between England and America from Hetalia. Only hot people ship this. Some people call it “incest” which really gives people more of a reason to ship it.
Person 1: I ship USUK
Person 2: Isn’t that incest?

Person 1: Even better
by Epitomeofrealness September 1, 2023
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A fanterm used to describe the yaoi(boyxboy) pairing of Alfred F. Jones and Arthur Kirkland, from the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. In the series, countries are represented as "human" nations, as Alfred represents the United States of America and Arthur represents The United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, or simply just England.

The "US" part stands for Alfred, and the "UK" part stands for Arthur.

Although it is usually seen as "USUK," there is also, "UKUS." Occasionally, the order of the names makes no difference, but most of the time, it does imply who is "seme" and who is "uke" in the relationship. When "UKUS" is seen, it usually means that Arthur, or England, is being referred to as the "seme," leaving Alfred, or America, the "uke." However, "USUK" is more common.
"Ooh, that was the cutest USUK fanfic ever!"

"USUK is my favorite Hetalia pairing!"
by KuroNeko11 August 4, 2010
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An abbreviation for "you suck." Due to the almost illegible nature of the word, it tends to go right over peoples' heads. It's fun to insult people without them noticing. Origin unknown, possibly Massassi.
<Thrawn42689>Did you review my map yet?
<Thrawn42689>Eh? What?
by Thrawn42689 December 7, 2003
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definition of a word usuk, means: dick / penis, in word of inuit language in Greenland
Just one word about it: Usuk o'sukk
YOu dont say yowsuk, but as osokh -ish
by Aalut March 24, 2004
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Huge NYC based graffiti crew. Going all world started in an unknown time period but has had a strong presence in the streets.
Usuk us niggah.
You Showed Us Karma.
Damn that kid wrote Usuk with an arrow next to my handstyle!
by Usuk us. September 14, 2009
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The shipping war that you don't want to get into
America X England
France X England
Human 1: usuk or fruk
by Homestuck_Hetalian September 25, 2017
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