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Arthur Kirkland is the human name of the character "England/UK/Great Britain" in Hetalia Axis Powers.
Arthur Kirkland is England's human name.
by Chibi Romano November 26, 2013
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English gentleman whose tsundere levels are off the charts. You don't want to mess with his magic or cooking. Definitely not the cooking. He can burn cereal. Just...Don't. He's become a bitch and proud. He will tell you to use the queen's english and you can refer to him as the United Bloody Kingdom. He will call you a twat, git, wanker, and more but you shall respect his tea-loving ass and union jack bandana. Matters related to independence make him sick and who knows what happened to his eyebrows? At times he can make us laugh and at others he is a cinnamon roll that we all love.
-Who's that with the union jack guitar?
-My, well that's Arthur Kirkland.

-Are those-?
-Iggybrows? Yes, yes they are.
by gAH I need a life January 30, 2018
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