Alfred F. Jones, F. Standing for Franklin, is quite obnoxious. He is loud when he talks to others, and loves to pull stupid pranks on people. Although he is quite weird, he is very smart, though others around him choose to ignore that fact. He's had a tough past, and because of that, he has chosen to be an incredibly happy-go-lucky person. Whenever he makes new friends, he either drives them crazy, or vows to protect them. Because he likes protecting, and helping others, he often refferes to himself as a hero. Alfred chooses to be child like, but anyone who knows him knows that when he wants to be serious, he can be freakishly scary. Out of everyone Alfred knows and has yet to meet, he is one of the most physically capable out of all of them. He is much stronger than all of his friends, and even drug a large car behind him for an hour looking for his brother, Arthur, to see if he could drive it. Alfred has an incredibly busy schedule all of the time, but he always sets his priorities straight, doing almost everything his boss tells him to. He is touched deeply by American history and whenever past tragedies are brought up in conversations, such as 9/11, he gets very emotional and his friends have to help calm him down. He is younger than most of the people he knows, but they all enjoy his presence to some extent. Over all, he is a playful guy with both an incredibly hard steel side and a squishy, soft, plush side. Anyone would be lucky to meet someone like Alfred F. Jones.
Person A: "Look, there's Alfred F. Jones acting weird again."
Person B: "He is weird, but he stuck up for me one time when someone else was being rude."
Person C: "Yeah, but he went way too overboard last week during the 4th of July."
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by PurpleMorton February 04, 2018
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