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A German heavy metal band with a very unique sound accused by the media of having nazi/fascist connections. Rammstein band members deny any such connections, dismissing them as "reverse discrimination." In fact, several Rammstein band members have Jewish backgrounds. Note: Rammstein is not a person. Rammstein is the name of the band. The lead singer is Till Lindemann.
I went to the Rammstein concert last week. Till blew up! OMQ!
by Thrawn42689 March 24, 2003
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EXTREMELY dangerous being. Species unknown (no one was brave enough to find out). APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION.
QUICK! TO the left! Its the rare and elusive Madquack, seen here marking his territory.
by Thrawn42689 March 24, 2003
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The fourth form of ownage; exists only in the mind of the Tide-Drinking individual named Cazor.
<Cazor> CPNED
<Cazor> muwahaha
<Cazor> thats like.. the 4th level
by Thrawn42689 June 20, 2003
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An abbreviation for "you suck." Due to the almost illegible nature of the word, it tends to go right over peoples' heads. It's fun to insult people without them noticing. Origin unknown, possibly Massassi.
<Thrawn42689>Did you review my map yet?
<Thrawn42689>Eh? What?
by Thrawn42689 December 06, 2003
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