A holy anime bestowed upon is in which countries become a bunch of stereotypical dudes.
Italy: Living pasta
Germany: Dogs n wurst n beer
Japan: Can't pronounce a single fucking "l" and has a personal space bubble bigger than America's ego
America: Somehow manages to stay in shape, despite consuming more than twice his body weight of burgers daily
England: Caterpillar brows

France: Stalks random men and goes all homo over them
China: Older than yo grandma
Russia: Would like to steal your soul
Canada: Who?
South Italy: Would you like some salt with that salt?
Hungary: Hentai queen
Austria: Likes to express emotions on a piano.

Warning: possibility of ovary explosions while watching
Ne ne papa
Why don't they just show us hetalia at history?
I was watching hetalia Hentai the other day.
Hetalia crack cured my cancer.
by Americat April 14, 2018
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An anime about a lot of sexy men representing countries.

It was originally a web comic about adorable boys in WW2 but then it became an anime, the boys became hot and the ovaries of fangirls will go BOOM
Have you seen Hetalia? God dang they hot

Nee nee papa just watch Hetalia

Spain's ass
by LynkQuinn March 15, 2015
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A anime about gay personified nations.
I love Hetalia!
by bamf snake March 13, 2016
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Anime history class with homosexual countries.
Person: What's your favourite subject in school?

Me: Hetalia!!

Person: *Backs away frightened*
by Amaimon.Okumura November 24, 2013
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by 🅱️ommunism January 10, 2022
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A Japanese comedy online manga/anime taking place around the time of World War II. All of its characters represent modern day countries, such as Kiku Honda(Japan), Ludwig(Germany), and Feliciano(Italy).
All the characters are the stereotypes of their countries. Such as Alfred(America) is often seen eating cheeseburgers, Heracles(Greece) loves cats, Feliciano(Italy) is addicted to pasta, and the most infamous one: Francis(France) is the extreme bisexual hopeless romantic.
It was originally going to be aired on TV, but Korean protesters found its portrayal of the Korea character(Im Young Soo) to be offensive.(So it was canceled.)
"My favorite Hetalia character is China(Wang Yao) because he loves pandas and Hello Kitty!" (All true facts)
"Its so cute how Greece always is cuddling his kitties!"
"Francis has to stop groping people." (Also true facts...)
by Yukie March 29, 2009
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Hell, it’s utter hell and nobody should come near this sinful creation. It spreads form different social platforms, like Instagram, Amino, Tumbler and many, many more. These are only some few social platforms infected, again it’s highly recommended to stay the fuck away form it. As you’ll be trapped in the fandom, forever unless you’re some kind of god. Or you’ve just watched something more sinful.
Run before it returns!

Wait what returns?


*Muffled Ne Ne pa pa playing in the background approaching*
by HetalianSurviver666 January 9, 2019
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