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An anime about a lot of sexy men representing countries.

It was originally a web comic about adorable boys in WW2 but then it became an anime, the boys became hot and the ovaries of fangirls will go BOOM
Have you seen Hetalia? God dang they hot

Nee nee papa just watch Hetalia

Spain's ass
by LynkQuinn March 14, 2015
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An anime and web comic that has countries represented by people, the majority which are good looking men. Also called APH (Axis Powers Hetalia). Originally based around the Axis Powers in WW2, it then expanded and now just pokes fun at national stereotypes and historical events. The main characters are Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, and China. The fandom is filled with weeaboos. Do not read fan fiction unless you want this series to be ruined for you. Hetalia was never intended and still is not a yaoi anime. The characters are not all gay, but they are in the fandom. Everything is turned into yaoi. The most prominent pairings are GerIta, UsUk, and Spamano. If you do not ship these ships, it would be best to stay away from the fandom. Many shipping wars will occur. Also, the fandom hates Seychelles.
Person 1: I love Hetalia! UsUk is the best! Alfie and Iggy are so kawaii together!
Person 2: I mean, England was America's father figure. Why would America top his father figure? Isn't it obvious that FrUk is so much better?

Person 1: Since when does England not hate France? And England's heart was broken when America declared independence.
Person 2: FrUk is better. UsUk is stupid.
Person 1: No, FrUk is stupid. UsUk makes more sense!
Person 3: I don't like either of those ships. I ship America and Seychelles!
Person 1: Whaaat???
Person 2: What about England and France?
Person 3: I ship France with Spain and England with Prussia.
Person 1&2: WHAT? DIE!!!
by sealandreich October 24, 2016
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A anime about gay personified nations.
I love Hetalia!
by bamf snake July 28, 2016
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A Japanese comedy online manga/anime taking place around the time of World War II. All of its characters represent modern day countries, such as Kiku Honda(Japan), Ludwig(Germany), and Feliciano(Italy).
All the characters are the stereotypes of their countries. Such as Alfred(America) is often seen eating cheeseburgers, Heracles(Greece) loves cats, Feliciano(Italy) is addicted to pasta, and the most infamous one: Francis(France) is the extreme bisexual hopeless romantic.
It was originally going to be aired on TV, but Korean protesters found its portrayal of the Korea character(Im Young Soo) to be offensive.(So it was canceled.)
"My favorite Hetalia character is China(Wang Yao) because he loves pandas and Hello Kitty!" (All true facts)
"Its so cute how Greece always is cuddling his kitties!"
"Francis has to stop groping people." (Also true facts...)
by Yukie March 28, 2009
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An anime about gay personified countries.
"Japan and America are so gay for each other" "IKR" "U watch Hetalia?"
by KikuHonda-civic August 05, 2016
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An epic manga about the time around WWII. Its characters are all stereotyped people of a country put into one person’s body per county. Ex. Italy = pasta loving guy = Feliciano.

It's movie is coming out on June 5, 2010.
1. Me and my friends are going to Japan to see the Hetalia movie

2. My fav. character is either Italy, Austria, Germany or Prussia
by Emo Kitty May 26, 2010
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