UCLA business is better than USC business. UCLA Anderson is ranked 14 and USC Marshall is ranked 27 according to Business Week. UCLA Anderson is ranked 11 and USC Marshall is ranked 26 according to US News. What about undergraduate business? Sure UCLA does not have an undergraduate business major, but it has business economics. Harvard and Stanford have a business major? WRONG. Please don't tell me University of Southern California will be a better preparation for a business career than Harvard or Stanford.
Many Ivy league students who go into investment banking major in economics. According to US News, UCLA Economics is ranked 11 in the nation, and USC is not even in the top 25.
by UCLAbruin January 04, 2006
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a private school in south central california, the initials of which are incredibly easy to use in disses by UCLA students.

for example, the more famous ones include:
university of second choice
university of spoiled children
university of south central
f**k SC

a couple of my own:
add a P to USC! (pusc=p***Y)
university of sucking c***
university of small c***
university of shrivled c**t
look at his FUCLA shirt! let's go wear our PUSC shirts!
by aspdlfjw0 April 04, 2009
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University of Spoiled Children

A place where super rich Beverly Hills blondes get with the wildest frat boys in the nation. If you're a girl you MUST be hot to be admitted, and most importantly, no fake blondes are allowed on campus. Almost every boy is a Business major, so if you're a USC girl you definitely has sex with tons of future CEOs. If you can go to USC you don't even need college because you family has more money than God. Also, we're better than UCLA.
I did not choose USC for the super attractive blondes.

- What every USC boy says.
by I'm definitely your dad July 05, 2015
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