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An elite, private research university which boasts some of the best programs in the country, including the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts and School of Letters, Arts and Sciences. USC has top-20 programs in film, engineering, english, and law. Overall, USC ranks just below rival UCLA, however that is projected to change by 2012, and USC has been climbing the national ranks since being named Time "School of the Year" in 2000.

2009-2010 admissions to the university are extremely tough (23% acceptance rate versus UCLA's 21% acceptance rate).

USC boasts incredible sports teams, including football, where they have won the Rose Bowl three times since 2000 and a national championship in 2004. USC also has 12 national baseball championships.

USC is extremely expensive, but has a higher salary rate after graduation than UCLA. USC is also a better choice for entertainment industry jobs, as USC students have higher field interview records than UCLA students. USC believes in a "Trojan Family" alumni network which give students a much needed advantage to find work in Los Angeles after graduation.
"University of Southern California, home of the Trojans"
by Adroa34 August 10, 2009
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the greatest place on earth. spend on your money to get drunk, eat crappy cafeteria food, and do a shit load of work. The place where matt leinart and reggie bush run the school. all wish you were trojans!
when at a partay, you can dance on a pole, freek-a-leek in a cage, or hump some basketball star's backside....fuck yeah
by hoodrat November 02, 2004
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Centrally located between Watts and Beverely Hills, the University of Southern California is the home of the Trojans, Fuck the Bruins!!! USC is also home to the rich and select poor kids on scholarship. Also known as the University of Sexy Chicks, this is a ridiculous misnomer, but at least our bitches are hotter than the ones cross-town, Fuck the Bruins!!! The weeks consists of sleeping through classes and eating "food" in the on campus cafeterias. The weekends are filled with sausage-fest parties, unless you happen to be a frat boy. And let's not fail to mention the soon to be three-peat national football champs. Also see UCLA sucks at everything.
The University of Southern California Trojans fucked the Oklahoma Sooners 55-19.
by Cheeks February 12, 2005
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University of Spoiled Children. But really, only the most pampered students attend USC. Everyone knows that the amount of wealth and power amassed at USC is just incredible and rivaled by only few other elite colleges in the U.S. Weather you are insanely loaded or insanely gorgeous USC has it all. No wonder why USC is a top ten international "dream school" for applicants around the globe.
Did you hear that Tina got into the University of Southern California? Yea, I heard her dad like donated $50 million so that she'd be accepted.
by TrojanWannaBe November 22, 2011
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Every year, the London Times ranks the best colleges in the world. In the most recent edition of the Times Higher Education Supplement, UCLA was ranked number 26 in the world. Cal was ranked number 2 in the world. Stanford was ranked number 7. Where do you think USC was ranked in the world?

USC was ranked number 180 in the world by the London Times! I guess your entrance requirements aren't helping you much.

US News had UCLA ranked at number 25, Cal ranked at number 21, and USC ranked at number 30 for this year. That's because they consider the amount of money alumni give to each school. Of course private schools like USC will have inflated rankings in the US News guide. And even with that, UCLA is ranked higher in the US News list.

Let's see here...UCLA-26, USC-180...USC better in academics? Please!

It's a known fact that UCLA looks at more than just your scores when selecting students. Ask anybody who's been turned down by the school. You need extracurricular activities as well as high gpa and SAT scores.

And to the moron who talked about not paying $30,000 a year, if you are getting that money in loans, you will be paying it sooner or later. Maybe they didn't teach you that in South Central. I hope the Trojan alumni give you a nice job.

Congratulations on your freshman class. It's too bad that most of SC's student body was rejected by UCLA and had to settle for the old private school in the ghetto. I'm sure USC owns Stanford too because USC has a better football team than Harvard.
UCLA Anderson is ranked 14 and USC Marshall is ranked 27 according to Business Week. UCLA Anderson is ranked 11 and USC Marshall is ranked 26 according to US News. What about undergraduate business? Sure UCLA does not have an undergraduate business major, but it has business economics. Harvard and Stanford have a business major? WRONG. Please don't tell me University of Southern California will be a better preparation for a business career than Harvard or Stanford. Many Ivy league students who go into investment banking major in economics. According to US News, UCLA Economics is ranked 11 in the nation, and USC is not even in the top 25.
by UCLAbruin January 04, 2006
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