the Heisman is a reference(the Heisman trophy being the most prestigious trophy in college football, see picture)of a boy/ or girl getting rejected while attempting to talk, dance, flirt or any sort of contact with another person
"Damn you hit that?"... "Nah she gave me the Heisman but thats cool".
by Quinton Smith January 8, 2006
The Best new dance craze look it up. The Heisman. "do the Heisman on that ho"
Move to left, move to the the heisman on that ho
by QTpi1212 January 2, 2007
a sex move for a MMF threesome, one guy is getting fellatio while the other is fucking her doggy style, when the guy on his knees stiff arms the back of the girls head onto the other guys dick, while at the same time chugging a beer
"Dude we totally should give her the heisman tonight"

"I'm down, be sure we have the beer for it though"
by tuckernuts January 8, 2010
Noun: A rejection given to a member of the opposite sex, a job, or anything no longer wanted. Named after the Heisman trophy, which depicts a football player giving a stiff-arm block to a tackle.
When his girlfriend started getting serious, he gave her the Heisman.
by C.K. Dexter Haven September 28, 2004
To get denied in the most firm and unequivocal way. This definition arises from the look of the college football trophy with the player holding his hand out as if denying someone.
Shit! All of my college choices Heismanned me! Now I'll have to work in Glory Hole Alley with Nathan!
by Jolly Old Saint Prick March 14, 2003
Being blocked, or not being able to move forward
I am glad to see that I am not the only one being heismaned on this assignment
by khazrn February 13, 2010
The act of putting your hand up when someone begins to speak to you "blocking" their conversation, explaining you have something else to do, then walking away. Best done after you have told that person something that invites a response.
Jerry told me he likes our chances in Olympic Hockey finals this year, he asked me if I thought the team was strong then three words into my response, he gave me The Heisman. Said he had to shit.
by Kavka June 5, 2010