Upper Pubic Area. People say FUPA, it's high time we start saying UPA for those with normal amounts of upper pubic cellulose.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin May 3, 2021
Ufficio Perizie Ambientali (UPA) is a madeup institute invented by some dumb students at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). The headquarters are on the 3rd floor of a building in the aforementioned university, in office 6969 (which, of course, doesn't exist).

The word is now used by many students, meaning "a place you go in order to study or do school stuff".
Today's lunch was shit... Let's go back to UPA!
by MrBrown95 November 25, 2019
Upper Pussy Area...NOT the "fat upper pussy area" (aka Fupa)
"That chick's upa was shaved a lot less than the ones I usually see, man"
by Gillzilla June 30, 2003
If u are tying to tell someone something important you must say (especially if he is or posses a naitan) you say listen upa here aNAITAN in a slightly asian accent, but you must grunt the naitan.
Naitan: d00d h4l0 is t3h r0x0rz its b3tt3r th4n g34rs
Me: Listen upa here aNAITAN, gears requires aim and halo just requires fast reflexes!
by gidetan October 21, 2007
an uprising against an unfair maths teacher.
Person 1: Man, my maths teachers keeping me in all day );
Person 2: u know what they say, upa Sweeneys
by yesdabsis December 17, 2018