Naitan can be used for many purposes. It can be used to show dominance, in coordination with a smashing motion with both fists. It can also be used as a verbal laxative, or when you just want to say something that sounds cool when you grunt it in a caveman voice. But you have to say it in the caveman voice.
Example #1
Guy: UR A PUSSY!!!

Example #2
Guy: im bored
Me: NAITAN!!! naitan naitan NAITAN NAITAN!!!
by gidetan October 21, 2007
Nothing, nada, no. also pronounced,"Naithan"
I wasn't 'sposed to do naitan today.
Man, there ain't naitan today.
by eric January 21, 2004
If some one shows you something that they are saying is great, but you think is evil/could be used for evil you say dis eh no naitan(good)! dis eh....dis eh SAITAN!!!(bad. and yes i no its spelled rong mr.tahn)
guy: dude check out this hermaphrodite porn it rox
Me: dis eh no naitan! dis eh SAITAN!!! TANTANTAN!!!
by gidetan October 21, 2007