Every edgy 13 year old's Discord Tag after they get nitro.
Friend 1: I know you want to change your tag to 6969, but you know that your Discord tag will be randomized once your Nitro ends, right?

Friend 2: Yeah, but it'll be worth it while it lasts.
by ProbablyEdgy14YearOld March 12, 2021
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6969 is the extended sex position of 69, but performed with 4 people, thereby creating a shape that resembles a square or rectangle.
Well now we know why CircleJerk asked for $6969 on KickStarter.
by DonnyPie July 29, 2014
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steelersfan..6969 is the goat of all of tiktok. He has 10 inch wide hands and can moss on DeAndre Hopkins.
steelersfan..6969 is the goat
by Shreddergibby February 24, 2021
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Steelersfan..6969 is a tiktoker with the best sports knowledge... he is just simply the goat... hes 6’10 with 10 inch wide hands. He is better than we hoopin for sure. if you dont think so than suck a booty hole.
by Shreddergibby February 24, 2021
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"SCP-6969 is the designation for a thaumaturgic biological process which occurs during ejaculation."

SCP Foundation cannot determine why its article keeps getting vandalized, for some strange reason.
SCP-6969 is not a joke SCP, it is canon.
by helhoot March 10, 2022
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