Acronym -
Unleash Natural Tranquility Receive Abundant Inner Notions Establish Divine
Broke the chains of negativity release the positivity living with light now I'm UNTRAINED.
by G'ity March 17, 2021
Use to describe a person who is incapable of learning their profession due to lack of intelligence, lack of dedication, or simply a lack of give two fucks.
Through years of ineptitude Edgar has demonstrated he is untrainable in the field of basket weaving.
by A_Degenerate December 15, 2015
An untrained no-good is male/female that has no intention of doing any good in this world and is just overall, untrained. Most if not all need to be trained and abused if needed.
There are many examples of untrained no-goods, for example if you leach around while i smoke weed and nag at me for hits so you can get your little fix, you are very untrained and most definately a no good. Another great example of an untrained is slutty teenage girls who commonly get intoxicated and "slut aroound". They tend to puke everywere and annoy everyone at parties.
by Kravis October 16, 2011
Means to be the opposite of "Trained 2 go"
You get to play/mess all day with people who are Untrained 2 go, they aren't "bout it" or about their business & they haven't the slightest bit of preparation.
by Junior's World January 27, 2017
Simply means unttg. Describing a person not brought up ready to fight
Untrained to go is a bad thing to be, it's comparable to a scenario such as being soft while trying to get it poppin'.

2.) Meaning to be unttg.
3.) Meaning to be unTTG.
by Junior's World January 28, 2017
White peoples inability to tell the difference between individuals in the same race or similar race
Wasn't Nick Cannon in Friday Night Lights?

No that was Michael B. Jordon.

Oh, well aren't they the same person anyway?

Only to your untrained white eye. You also think all Asians come from China
by Beast of a Nation March 17, 2016
A black eye, generally acquired when someone hasn't been trained properly on when to keep their mouth shut.
Jenny must have gotten drunk this weekend, I see she has the untrained eye today, you know how she gets when she drinks, always talkin' shit.
by Some wiseman April 7, 2019