University of Never Leaving Vegas

The only university that students who have spent the majority of their life in Vegas will ever go to. Between Vegas and Reno, the obvious choice is Vegas, which is why many never leave Vegas. Only those who have never been out of their local neighborhoods would think that Reno is the better choice.

There are a select few students from Green Valley High School who acheive the grades and recommendations necessary to go to college elsewhere, but even they apply to UNLV as a backup.

This mindset is promoted by all the high school counselors since it reduces their workload to essentially nothing.
Counselor: "So, Tony, you've applied to UNLV, right?"
Tony: "Actually, I was really hoping to go out of state."
Counselor: "Right... well, did you try UNR?"
Tony: "No, but that's not even--"
Counselor: "Then you should probably just stick with UNLV."
by GC_Midnight November 15, 2009
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University of Nevada Las Vegas. A poorly put together college in Las Vegas made up of Vegas failures who vow to never leave their sanctuary of gambling. The students at UNLV ignore the fact that UNR is the original and much better college in rankings, scores, colleges, and acceptance rates, so they still choose to go to the ultimate failure school. It is a commuter school with no real college feel.
UNR STUDENT: Hey, why didnt you go to UNR instead of UNLV?


UNR STUDENT: Oh.... well, maybe you made the right choice in college...
by KidFromElko January 13, 2010
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University of Non-Learning Vacation
Michael what are you going to do after high school?

Michael: Well I watch a lot of poker on ESPN and I think I'm going to win millions at the casino poker tournaments, but I don't have the money to go to Vegas right now, maybe Mommy and Daddy will pay for my over pampered neanderthalic ass to go to UNLV. I won't pass a class but it will be like a six month free vacation.

AKA: What the University of Nevada-Las Vegas is starting to become.
by MaybeillCatchFire October 7, 2008
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The university of nevada-las vegas. This is a kick ass school that dominates in sports, greek life and so much more. And is of course located in the party capitol of the united states. You can spot a lot of hot guys and girls at this school.
amber: that guy that walked by me on the strip was so hot

jess: wow he must go to unlv then
by tipsygal41 November 23, 2021
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A serious definition. THE University of Nevada in Reno ranks top in almost every major academic category. UNLV ranks number one in frat parties with drunk male cheerleaders...

Friend 1 So now that you’ve graduated which college are you going to?
Friend 2 UNLV because it’s so faggish.
Friend 1 I can’t get a girl to give me a blowjob so I’m going to UNLV!
Friend 2 I like girls so I’m gonna go to Reno...
by Biden is a dick March 28, 2021
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