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University of Never Leaving Vegas

The only university that students who have spent the majority of their life in Vegas will ever go to. Between Vegas and Reno, the obvious choice is Vegas, which is why many never leave Vegas. Only those who have never been out of their local neighborhoods would think that Reno is the better choice.

There are a select few students from Green Valley High School who acheive the grades and recommendations necessary to go to college elsewhere, but even they apply to UNLV as a backup.

This mindset is promoted by all the high school counselors since it reduces their workload to essentially nothing.
Counselor: "So, Tony, you've applied to UNLV, right?"
Tony: "Actually, I was really hoping to go out of state."
Counselor: "Right... well, did you try UNR?"
Tony: "No, but that's not even--"
Counselor: "Then you should probably just stick with UNLV."
by GC_Midnight November 15, 2009
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The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is a public, coeducational university located in Las Vegas, Nevada, known for its programs in computer science, English, engineering, and hotel administration. The hotel administration program is one of the top ranked programs in the nation, usually ranking just behind Cornell. It is the major university of southern Nevada. The university is ranked in the category of Doctoral/Research Universities-Intensive by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and has over 800 faculty members. UNLV has an enrollment of more than 26,000. Since July 1995, UNLV's president has been Carol Harter.
Are those U.N.L.V. Rebels playing tonight?
by Vince B September 08, 2005
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New Orleans underground rap group affliated with Cash Money Records. Stands for UPTOWN NIGGAS LIVIN VIOLENT.
"The legendary UNLV"-UNLV
by UptownSoulja February 05, 2005
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University of Nevada Las Vegas. A poorly put together college in Las Vegas made up of Vegas failures who vow to never leave their sanctuary of gambling. The students at UNLV ignore the fact that UNR is the original and much better college in rankings, scores, colleges, and acceptance rates, so they still choose to go to the ultimate failure school. It is a commuter school with no real college feel.
UNR STUDENT: Hey, why didnt you go to UNR instead of UNLV?


UNR STUDENT: Oh.... well, maybe you made the right choice in college...
by KidFromElko January 12, 2010
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