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Ok there are 2 types of socially retarded people. There's the type of people that are quiet and shy and freak out whenever someone goes up and talks to them. Then, there's the type of people who say weird and gross stuff in a social setting without either realizing it or not.
guy: i asked my gf what she wanted to do tonight and she said "mad butt stuff, crazy butt stuff, butt stuff til we can't butt stuff no more"

olivia: really? whether she's joking or not, that's still kinda weird to say

guy: yeah i know...

olivia: god, alana is so socially retarded
by tipsygal41 November 23, 2021
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she was known as that rich party girl that was popular for her sex tape (which was released without her consent) back in the day, but now is more calm and collective and is married! Grew up with apparently strict parents who wouldn't even let her go to school dances, wear make-up, wear certain clothing, etc. So that made her go wild. Was locked up in an abusive boarding school that her parents sent her too without their knowledge of how abusive it was or maybe they did know, who knows... Overall a really fun, chill, bubbly person.
sarah: hey guys did you see paris hilton's documentary on youtube?

becca: yeah, i never knew she had such strict parents

sarah: me either! they even locked her up in a boarding school

becca: that's so messed up
by tipsygal41 November 23, 2021
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a legend that had a big influence on pop music. In other words, the princess of pop. Many people thought she was a joke back in the day during the mid 2000's after her divorce with k-fed, her shaving her head and smashing a car with an umbrella, her being a "bad mom", and of course her 2007 vma performance. But she got back on track and kicked ass. She was under a conservatorship for a very long time with her dad being in charge of her finances. The #freebritney movement was a very popular movement not too long ago.
person: guys, christina aguilera and jessica simpson are legends

me: what are you even talking about? Britney spears is the real legend
by tipsygal41 November 23, 2021
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The university of nevada-las vegas. This is a kick ass school that dominates in sports, greek life and so much more. And is of course located in the party capitol of the united states. You can spot a lot of hot guys and girls at this school.
amber: that guy that walked by me on the strip was so hot

jess: wow he must go to unlv then
by tipsygal41 November 23, 2021
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