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2 definitions by MaybeillCatchFire

A person in the passenger seat of an automobile that forgets they are giving directions to the driver only to yell the direction to turn multiple times at an unintelligible speed at the driver as the car goes past the desired turn.
I was giving Sara a Chicago Meat Hook last ni... Left!!! left!! left!! left!!!!!!! You missed the turn Gilligan!

I'd have made it if you were paying attention instead of waiting till the last second and doing the auctioner.
by MaybeillCatchFire August 3, 2008
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University of Non-Learning Vacation
Michael what are you going to do after high school?

Michael: Well I watch a lot of poker on ESPN and I think I'm going to win millions at the casino poker tournaments, but I don't have the money to go to Vegas right now, maybe Mommy and Daddy will pay for my over pampered neanderthalic ass to go to UNLV. I won't pass a class but it will be like a six month free vacation.

AKA: What the University of Nevada-Las Vegas is starting to become.
by MaybeillCatchFire October 7, 2008
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