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An expression of affirmation in the face of something so righteously cool that you cannot vocalize your pleasure with anything other than a primal grunt...
"Remember that cute girl from that party? I just got a date with her!"

by TL March 07, 2004
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The most commonly used word in the Zombie language. See also rawr.
"Whoa, dude, is that a zombie over there?"
"Oh shit."
by RoboSpy May 24, 2004
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An expression of both exhaustion and disdain.
You: "Hey! How was your day? Didn't you spend it working on that million page dissertation?"

Me: "Ungh."

You: "Oh. That bad, huh?"

Me (with an affirmative nod): "Unnnnggghh."
by 18lrdoow October 26, 2009
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A person who has no life what so ever. Someone who would rather spend their time doing algebraic equations than out partying with friends.

New word for Geek/Dork

Originated in the UK.
1st Person: 'Look at that Ungh over there!'
2nd Person: 'Ungh, UNGH UNGH UNGH!'
by Felix Charles Speller December 08, 2008
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Sound made by closing off the throat and pushing out air.
Steve said "UNGH!" into Dave's ear.
by Whiter November 18, 2003
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