UMBC stands for University of Maryland Baltimore County. It is a public research university. The favorite sport is chess there and although many make fun of it, many of the students there are highly intelligent. Keep making fun of the future leaders of the world, they'll be laughing all the way to the bank!
My friend went to UMBC and now works at IBM making $75,000 a year. Not making this up, this example is real. She went to University of Maryland, then UMBC, taught at Carnegie Mellon University,and now works at IBM for Human Centered Computing. Don't be idiots and post nonsense about the university just because you couldn't get in.
by Unknownperson April 21, 2013
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The only place in Baltimore where you’re hated on from being from Baltimore.
Why is UMBC hating on me I'm from Baltimore?
by Rick88 December 03, 2007
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you made a bad choice
you must be crazy
you must be cockblocking
you must be creepy

Just think about it if this is all you here about this school then you know that it sucks.
If you go to this school it is probably for a scholarship they gave you that was really fucking easy to get, but you just got played if you take it.
This is probably the WORST college you can go to if you want to have a real college experience, fun, or girls. There is almost no hot chicks, no one is ever on campus, the dudes cockblock in swarm, and for you ladies they also creep out in packs. However, the other guys will flock to you like you were hot because there aint nothing better around.
There is NO football team. From all sports combined we have won like one championship in the entire college history.
Your roomate may call cops on you for having alcohal (believe me).
While talking to anyone from any school in the area when you mention that you go to UMBC they will probably reply "Why?"
If you go here and you thinks its alright you are either a larping nerd or just dont realize how much better you would be in any other school.
"You go to UMBC? Sorry to hear that."
by Freeman Hrabowski December 06, 2008
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simply put the worst college on the face of the earth. No good looking people, girls or guys, and absolutely no parties. Home of no football team but the number 1 ranked chess team in the country. If you're fine with spending your college experience in your room playing video games then this is the place for you.

If you are deciding between Towson and UMBC go with Towson.
"Hey man when I come down to visit you at UMBC are there gonna be any parties?"

"Nah man but we're having a huge World Of Warcraft tournament!!"
by UMBC's Finest December 04, 2011
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Yo, didn't your boss give you a raise cuz he thought you worked for UMBC.
by Rick88 December 04, 2007
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The 2018 March Madness 16 seed that knocked out the Virginia 1 seed. The creators of March Madness 16-1 history with a 20 point win and the biggest bracket breaker of the year.
Wait, what’s UMBC stand for?

It’s University of Maryland, Baltimore County
by Yert_Yert_Yert March 19, 2018
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