a suburban area in baltimore county consisting with just over 40,000 people, a 40,000 acre state park (patapsco state park), and about 5 minutes driving distance from arbutus and landsdowne. catonsville or "c-ville" is known as the music city of maryland. the funny thing is catonsville is not a city its just a place like any other just given the nickname city, because it is in itself like a small city. catonsville has a crime rate of a 6 out of 10 on the national average scale and a property damage rate of a 7 out of 10 on the national property damage and crime census. the highest crime rate is a 10 but the crimes in catonsville are usually theft, narcotics, underage drinking, disturbing the peace, rare vandalism and fighting, most are minor offenses. there are many restaraunts and bars in catonsville and alot of smokers, sometimes even the younger skater kids like to smoke and hang out on the streets of cville the popular choice in catonsville is camel, maryjane, marlboro, or newport. catonsville is also popular to skateboarding and once long ago a punk rock scene that made catonsville huge.
im gonna chill in catonsville today prolly at the park or go skating. i might go to morseburgers and watch all the old drunks sing karaoke that should be entertaining.
by esskay 420 March 28, 2008
The chillest most illest place on earth. This is where the true players play and the fine ladies come out to partay. If you ain't in the ville you ain't no where. Meet at the 7-eleven, make a beet run, party all night...that's how we do in cville, either love it or hate it we is who we is...Represent the ville
"Hey man did you hear what happened in Catonsville last night"
"No man i bet it was awesome!"
"Heck yes it was, there was a huge party!!"
"Nice man who was there??"
"Everyone man everyone...I even saw P Diddy"
"Sweet man he raps"
"Yea dude...the cops came though...they are bitches"
"For real"
by cville city October 28, 2005

- prep girls can ride around in their range rovers BLASTING D4L then death cab for cutie and not be critsized

- prep girls can also act black and not get beat up

- pretty much the best

- best partys

- catonsville is to cool people and suberbs as arbutus is to ghetto white trash

- all the cool SCENExCORE people live there
scene girl : OMFG i love you !
prep girl : like thanks, you wanna go get pearls
scene girl : then we can take some HARDxCORE pics for myspace
prep girl : chyeahh

by C.BURT October 29, 2006
A small town, where there are a bunch of skater guys. Everyone does drugs and has sex. Everyone knows each other. There are a lot of dumb sluts who wear Hollister. Everyone meets up at Opies to smoke, skate, or be gay. People also meet up at Hillcrest to do the same things. There are too many annoying little kids and too many dumb teenagers who are too skinny and walk every where.
Skater Guy #1: Let's go smoke.
Skater Guy #2: Fuck yes.

"a place to skate"
by Marilyn Cullen July 11, 2008
a place where 13 year old hollister girls can smoke some shit, have sex, and hook up with 13 year old skaters and totally get away with it.
a place for faggets.
by biotcha July 11, 2008
Little Asia. An entire city taken over by Asians, weather they be Korean, Chinese, Arab, or Indian we have them. Just out side of baltimore, there is a diverse mix of Whites, Asians, and Afro-Americans. Some C-ville land marks we have are places like Opies, Patapsco State Park, Gamestops, Music Stores, and McDonalds' (and oh yeah, Walgreens, CVS, Riteaid, and the like). A business tradition of Catonsville is to start a business at the Sam's Club shopping Center where a cinema was built and whent out of buisness (a Gamestop in shopping center as well)The tradition goes: Open a theater or other, have no one go there EVER, loose money, go bankrupt, close, reopen, bankrupt again, sell building, Repeat. Dreams are born in Catnsville, mature, and Die in Baltimore, Annapolis, or Towson. The people here, in music city maryland are avarage, every day, modern Americans (excptions to the Asians, they are very old country fuddy duddys). On a day off teens go to Opies in the summer, Columbia mall in the winter. Night life: Need Improvement Culture: Average Things to do: Poor (go to Baltimore, Inner Harbor)
by 123Gorf321 December 5, 2010
a place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often traditionally depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death.
by shaomethemoney January 9, 2018