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An Awesome person, who is such an amazing person, everyone around the person is jealous. Many people worship a Tyus, and genueflect in front of him, with great respect. He will always be a goof friend, and sometimes annoying.
Tyus is cool, but sometimes annoying
by Hjselfieco January 29, 2015
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A male with a HUGE dick. Very handsome and lots of women like him. Is very loyal to a girl he chooses and would never do anything to hurt him. Very generous and kind but cross his back and you will wish you wouldn't. Is very athletic and has a knack for making money.
Female 1 : " Damn look at Tyus' dick print!"
Female 2 : "Yes OMG it's so big!!"
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by AYEEE WE LIT March 14, 2017
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