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Someone that you are essentially obsessed with; the love of your life
As Leslie was talking to Miley her BKB walked by looking damn good!
by Karen Smith May 08, 2008
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The borough of Brooklyn, New York City. (African-American slang). Shortened to "the BK."
Shoutin out the BK-B.
by matt August 24, 2003
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booty kissing boy who takes women into realms of pleasure while making them laugh , which causes them to lose all self control. See: mushy mushy
by Flamenheart June 25, 2004
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BKB must have a list of honeys waiting in the wings..but he aint saying, Yo.
by Rita June 24, 2004
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fuck all o these other definitions. they re wrong. bkb is da name of a dj/rapper, n the name is already taken.
DJ BkB was tearin up in the club las nite w/ his beats
by rasmans May 12, 2006
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An Indian slang phrase. Short for "balu ke bulla", it literally translates to bear's genitals.
Person A: "Hey Bkb! I'm talking to you!"
Person B: "Ouch."
by Jabberjack March 14, 2017
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