A characterization of a bowel movement so forceful and voluminous that the bowl of the toilet actually cracks from the impact. Generally accompanied by a cloud of masonry dust kicked up from the toilet's destruction.
Dude, do not go in that bathroom. I ate Chipotle for three straight days, and I just pulled a major Laura Bush!
by TheMarkSanford1 February 5, 2011
a phrase meaning to be involved in a fatal car accident while an adolescent.

Reference: Google "Laura Bush Fatal Accident Dallas Morning News"
Yikes dude! As you ran the stop sign and headed right for that Corvaire, I just knew we were bout to have a "laura bush."
by T Wade June 18, 2005
Despite supporters, the following is proven fact:

On the night of November 6th,1963, Laura Bush (formerly Laura Welch) entered intersection of State Highway 349 & Texas farm road 868, running a stop sign and colliding with a Chevalier Sedan, killing boyfriend Michael Dutton Douglas

Despite bearing responsibilty, Laura Bush, Wife of George W., current President of the United States of America and frequent public speaker of support on his policies,
has never been convicted of Vehicular manslaughter or any other....traffic violation

Ms. Bush attended San Jancinto Junior High school with future husband George W. (who she allegedly did not know at the time) & later, Robert E. Lee High school in Midland with retired United States General Tommy Franks
by Alex Tomas May 14, 2006