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A disease affecting the brain of adolescent females, particularly the frontal and occipital lobes. Symptoms include lost sense of reality, hallucinations of Edward Cullen, belief that vampires are real, and general idiocy.

If a person is suspected of having Twilight Syndrome, they should immediately be quarantined and made to read the Harry Potter series for 250 hours straight in a silent, white room with no food. With luck, the victim will either come to their senses and remember how to be a real human being, or they will die.
Julie: All of my friends say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter! I fear for their minds.

Amy: Oh no! They must have Twilight Syndrome, alert the government!
by AmyhatesTwilight August 04, 2008
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Utterly unrealistic expectations in relationships based upon a fictional vampire named Edward, making the best of men feel completely inadequate.
First guy, "Dude! "My girl has lost her mind. She expects way too much and complains about how she wants me to be more like "Edward."

Other guy: "Dude, she has got The Twilight Syndrome."
by Dootwo August 21, 2009
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when you are with a female/male you find them all of a sudden attractive because that's the only person around.
i got "Twilight Syndrome" watching twilight i swear that chick loooked so hot by the end of the movie.
by RUBster October 05, 2009
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Over-commoditization at the expense of originality, artistic quality, and substance.
Amazon Review of Sophie Jordan's "Firelight", shows Twilight Syndrome in action:

"...She was far too much the super-special yet tragically misunderstood heroine from the get-go, a cardboard cut-out of a character that's getting dog-eared with overuse. Consequently, the cliche "forbidden romance" with the obligatory perfect love interest was contrived from the start. It smacks far too much of Twilight, whose romance nobody should be praising or trying to emulate. I wanted to be subtly and skillfully led into both the story and their relationship; instead I had it shoved at me. Needless to say I will not be reading beyond the few chapters I was prompted to try, and I will just have to hold out for another author to come along and do the opposite to dragons what Stephanie Meyer did do to vampires."
by splatpunk September 20, 2011
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