The most perfect mix of art, history, culture, wisdom, enviroment, peace, beauty, sharpness, anathema, contradictions, arrogance, minds ever made in the entire world
Tuscany was the first country in the world to suppress death penalty and torture. It was 1786 and still going on.
by Sbirro November 21, 2004
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Tuscany is a kinda sarcastic bitch. She’s a great girl who has a laugh every now and then, she has a great sense of humour and can probably steal your man in a split second.
Noah: Omg did u see Tuscany today?
Timothè: yeah bro she straight up stole Connor from his girl
by imjustaliteboyfrombradford September 28, 2020
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Williams t A crazy annoying fifer in the fife and drum corps
Tuscany has a special t-shirt
by Somf905o January 29, 2015
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A Canadian and Korean version of the Hyundai Tiburon which is one of the best cars for the money.
Dude, did you see that Tuscani speed by?

Yeah, it looked really nice.
by td March 26, 2004
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Pronounced tuh-scuh-knee.

NOT “Tuh-SCAH-knee”.
My name is Tuscani, without the “Y.”
by tdawg812 June 1, 2022
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Is when you slam your dick across someone's face over and over until he gets a headache and his head is hot because of the friction, and all the left over Florida Sunshine is snot.
One night, while Magyk is sleeping, I'll sneak up on him, and once he turns around, I'll stick my zaboo in his goo-grinder, then douse it all over with Florida sunshine while pouring Mandarin Extract (or Tangerine Soul) all over his chest in his bed, and for good measure, I'll give him the ol' Tuscany Fever seconds afterward, and with gusto!
by DevilXPanther January 8, 2011
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The sexual act in which the female grinds her teeth using sandpaper, till fragments of her teeth lays on the guys testicles which she then sucks and nibbles on the teeth fragments and the testicles its self
Dude. My girlfriend gave me The Tuscany Teetickle Special. It hurts so good
by Hoggish & Herecles April 13, 2017
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