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A person whom you are dating exclusively, but who has not yet been elevated to "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" status.

See also: "special lady friend"
I'd like you guys to meet my special lady friend Jill; we've been sleeping--err, chilling together for about three weeks now.
by Sunfish February 16, 2005
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A woman who is not your girlfriend, but is also more than an acquaintance. Generally the time between when you start talking to said woman, and she either becomes your girlfriend, or someone that you used to know. This time can last anywhere from several hours to several months.
"Are you guys girlfriend and boyfriend?" "No, she's my special lady friend."
by Steven Abootmanson March 23, 2017
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A non-sexual relationship between two women that is recognized by others to be exceptionally close; closer than a best friend, often confused for sisters.
When my baby was in the hospital, my special lady friend came over to sit with me while my husband took care of our other child.

My special lady friend never judges when I get drunk and start smoking again.
by Special Lady Friend January 17, 2009
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