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(n.) A strategically designed sweater that has a piece of fabric at the top which hugs fabric completely around the neck. Mostly worn more recently by snobby artists (usually accompanied by a beret also black) or mom's over 35. However, the sweater originated to solve an age old problem of hiding hickeys. The neck is one of the most common places for visible hickeys to appear after a passionate make out session. The next day when you have to have dinner with you parents (or maybe even grandparents!) the hickey will make them think you are some kind of sex fiend. A fashion designer had this problem and after realizing all of their scarves were dirty (don't ask, that is more sex fiend stuff) quickly sewed extra fabric on top of an old sweater to completely conceal around the neck and thus the hickeys. Now men and women can wear hickeys around their families and everyone will think they just have no fashion sense.
Girl: "Tomorrow I have to spend Christmas visiting relatives."

Guy: "So no Chistmas Eve necking then?"

Girl: "Oh we totally can neck all night, I have an ugly Turtleneck Sweater I can wear!"
by Kangarilla September 30, 2014
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A type of garment worn by either men or women who are particularly prudent or arrogant.
Sally's mom is so uptight, she's always wearing a turtleneck sweater.
by Hobbit Meat March 31, 2007
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1.A Circumstance where a person accidently leaves his fly unzipped and with wearing the right boxers had his dick poke through exposing it.
2.A Fashionable sweater made popular during the 80's into the 90's.
I was in the restroom at the mall the other day and forgot to zip up my fly when I was finished. I had no idea that I was sporting a turtleneck sweater until about after a group of women started smiling at me and pointing towards my crotch.
by jaymoz June 19, 2014
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A round fluffy item worn around your neck for attraction of Zebras, Monkeys, and Pumas. Other wise known as the 'Turtler'.
Random Guy says:

"RUN! GO GO GO! The monkeys are coming down to hunt you because of your Turtler!"

"Great Turtle Neck Sweater you got there man."
- Eager customer says
by usage of time management April 05, 2011
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when you are going down on a chick and she has a turtle head that pokes you in the neck, and you start to sweat because you are afraid of being shit on
The man was not expecting to wear a turtle neck sweater that evening.
by peter palmer February 06, 2006
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