Euphemism used to describe a low key but fun event with family and friends where vegetables are served.
I’m going to turnip for what at mom’s house tonight.
by Luz@3leches September 24, 2018
When someone becomes incredibly angry and so their face appears to be a turnip and they become very actively angry. Usually relevant to PE teachers.
He became a physical turnip after Jon hit him with the ball.
by Japre December 1, 2019
When you put your partner upside down and stick a turnip in there ass or mouth or vagina depending on how the partner is feeling
Wanna get sticky, let's do an upside down turnip
by Stanky the Herbivore YT September 5, 2016
turnip ip ip is a meme
is turnip ip ip a meme
by Phu The Writer June 28, 2022