Choking someone by sticking one's tongue down another's throat, usually when kissing.
Dude that girl's tongue is so long! No wonder he got tunged!
by 오 야 베비 March 7, 2010
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. This boy has the power to make you feel as if you are the greatest person to step on this earth. If you ever become fortunate enough to have such a person in your life be sure to never let anything bad happen between you two, embrace every moment spent together, and make sure never to take advantage of Tung. Tung is perfect on every level possible.
Tung is jesus
Jeremy said "Tung help him build up his self confidence"
by Muahaaahahah October 27, 2018
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A guy that talks a lot of badness but never does anything. Just a verbalist.
Person 1 : “Who’s this guy? I heard he’s active.”

Person 2: He’s a tung. He ain’t on nothing”.
by Ivanov934 March 14, 2022
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a sorta not that cool asian guy
that has many issues with crack
why are u such a tung stop talkin about CRACK.
by alkjfs November 11, 2007
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an annoying entity in e-mails.
in e-mails -

Sweety: Tung
Desi: ????

Sweety: Tung
by ASDREY August 5, 2009
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