Sweety is a very smart and caring person. She cares about her family and her friends and is a person who is trustworthy. Sweety is funny and she will make you laugh in the hardest times because she loves to see people smile. She is a very good listener and will give the best advices. Sometimes you need to have patience with her because she has anger issues but she’ll get over it very fast.
Having a friend like Sweety is the best thing that can happen to you in the world.
by Mirna Sofisburg June 27, 2018
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Someone who is sweet, kind spirited, polite, trusting, and easy to be around. OR the object of your anger and temper, example, OK SWEETY!!! When you're mad at someone!
How is your day, sweety?
by KHUD73 April 28, 2017
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An adoring and cute mushy pet name to call your lover.
Goodnight now sweetie, I'll miss you so much but I'll see you next week!
by Doggonecutsy April 24, 2004
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A cute nickname for a boy to call his girlfriend. Someone who calls their girlfriend 'sweety' usually has no lust for her, just affection or love.
Girl: *hugs boy, then blushes*
Boy: Aww... You don't have to be shy, sweety. *smiles reassuringly*
Girl: *smiles and huggles boy*
by Moonfire_cat June 15, 2008
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A sweetie is usually a very beautiful girl. She always shows her love towards the people that she cares about. Sweeties are usually short and have brown hair and brown eyes. And they have the cutest smile you have ever seen.
by Katie2429 December 3, 2019
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Used as a passive aggressive insult, or just in a playful way.
First of all sweetie; your taco meat edges are shit.
by Mxtt March 9, 2018
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Common scottish (glaswegian) term for ecstacy
have you got any sweeties left, im on 3
by deviant_26 February 19, 2005
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