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A person with and amazing smile very cool with his own style and does many cool things
Yo he is a Tumelo
by July 10, 2016
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G. O. A. T.... Tumelo is a heavenly name found in Africa which means faith. This name is given to amazing people.
Tumelo is an example of a G. O. A. T

Tumelo means faith
by specialdef July 01, 2018
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Tumelo is a girl that lights up the world and doesn't realise her worth. She gives people faith for the future though she may be seen as quiet. Tumelo is proud yet humble and is a blessing to whomever she meets. She proves to be fun and all her friends think she's pretty and bonkers.
Tumelo has given me faith for the future.
by Kayla Johannes September 22, 2018
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A short person who has a slightly bizarre haircut. Thinks he is a player, does not have a girlfriend
Wow... that tumelo thinks he's so cool
by CoolCat24 October 03, 2013
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