Addison and Tazara had a rumbly tumbly fest after they ate fart soup!
by Addi Jellybean February 19, 2012
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1. Can you come out tonight?

Tumbling the turtle, sorry..

2. What'd you get up to earlier with that girl?

We were tumbling the turtle.
by The-Master-of-Disaster October 13, 2012
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When the abdominal area gets fat and soft and starts rolling and weeping down over the waistline of pants
That lady should not be wearing a two piece bikini with that tumbling sixpack shes got.

I used to have abs of I got me a mad tumbling sixpack.Damn,marriage sucks!
by Lunicus December 17, 2006
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The practice of sticking as many dildos as possible in one's own butt. Usually as a competition.
Zach's butt tumbling record is 18! Amazing, he can really butt tumble!
by PowPowPow November 14, 2013
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Mr tumble is a god, a guy who can destroy the world with his pinky
Guy with red nose: I'm as BOSS as mr tumble
by Rossichan August 13, 2017
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In the same family as ghosting and breadcrumbing, tumble weeding is when a person you have been dating low key starts to blow away and disengage from the relationship. They still respond to texts but don’t really give you anything to work with until there’s nothing left for you to say, you just have to let them fade off into the distance.
Mia: Lex, this guy is totally tumble weeding me, he only just replied to my text from two days ago and all he said was ‘haha yeah lol’
Lex: oh babe, yea you got totes tumble weeded
by Tumbleweedchic July 11, 2019
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Absolutely, completely and utterly paraplegic from the drink
Jesus your man had a tough one last weekend, he was tumble-dryered
by ragingjackass69 March 16, 2021
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